2014 Hospital Design Awards


Way to go APC!!!

Appanasha Pet Clinic has gained national attention for the new clinic!

2014 Veterinary Economics Hospital Design People's Choice Award winner: Appanasha Pet Clinic

The people have spoken! Check out photos and specs from the People's Choice hospital and 25 other outstanding veterinary practices.

Feb 10, 2014



After weeks of voting, it's time to reveal the 2014 People's Choice champion!

Drum roll, please ...

Introducing Appanasha Pet Clinic in Menasha, Wis. This 12,181-square-foot companion animal gem is nestled away from busy roads on a 2.5-acre plot of land, but its angular exterior and clear signage manages to catch the eyes of many. The hospital owners—Drs. Mary Ann Hittle, Martin Heindel and Murray Hurlburt—helped guide the design with patients and clients first on their minds.

To give pets the best care and comfort, they incorporated a variety of features:

> low-slip flooring
> noise control
> separation of dog and cat wards
> a central recovery and intensive care ward including runs with heated floors and glass doors
> a reception and waiting area that facilitates comfortable separation of patients
> outdoor covered runs
> and a grassy, fenced exercise area.

Client amenities include an accessible location, comfortable seating, dry-erase boards for client education, a refreshment area and a children's playroom.

"Our practice philosophy also acknowledges that pet ownership is fun," the practice owners wrote in their entry. "The exam rooms are decorated in bright colors, with artwork chosen to make everyone smile. The dog water fountain, the fire hydrant dog restroom, the bird feeder viewing area for cats and the dog and cat eye charts also bring a smile. The natural landscaping and seasonal planters add to the pleasing ambiance."

As for the employees, certain elements were added to create a sense of community and connectivity. All of the veterinarians (owners and associates) share an office where they can work closely with each other. The technician office is located at the center of the clinic, allowing easy access to both the reception and exam room areas as well as the treatment and hospital areas.

"The clinic design [also] incorporated large viewing windows overlooking the treatment area to enable all staff members to be in visual contact," the owners said. "Communication and teamwork are critical to our success."

Overall, Appanasha Pet Clinic is a balanced mix of spacious yet unified, comfortable yet professional, which fosters a positive environment for all.

See what voters said about Appanasha:

"Elegant lines outside, clean, spacious interior, soothing colors, effective layout. Nice!"

"Beautiful and functional—excellent use of space!"

"Very sleek design and functional layout. It appears to have the animal in mind from the exam room to exercise yard."

"Great place, great people. The clinic has a flow to it and useful simplicity."

"We love the Appanasha Pet Clinic! The building is state-of-the-art, clean, bright and the staff is caring, knowledgeable and supportive. We feel so blessed to have found a wonderful place for our pet."

"A warm, inviting, comforting, wonderful place, inside and out.”

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Appanasha Pet Clinic, Menasha, Wis.

Owners: Drs. Mary Ann Hittle, Martin J. Heindel and Murray A. Hurlburt
Associates: 6
Exam rooms: 7 (& 1 comfort room)
Cost/sq. ft.: $119
Total cost: $1,963,100
Building cost: $1,500,740 (building only; excludes land purchase, landscaping, parking lot, etc.)
Square footage: 12,181
Structure type: New freestanding building

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